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Astrology – The First Science

Astrology – The First Science : For as long as people have been looking towards the heavens, we have strived to understand our place in the universe. Astrology, helps us to connect out souls to the movement of the heavens & celestial rhythms. Although many may argue this point, Astrology could very well have been the first science. It was around long before physics, chemistry, biology or any other science. The Sumerians built temples in terraced pyramids, to observe the stars & planets, as early as 2900 B.C.

Astrology soon became an incredibly complex practice. By 2000 B.C., the magi (priest trained in astrology and other sacred knowledge) of Mesopotamia believed that everything in the universe was connected. Besides studying the stars, magi’s looked for omens in the weather, predicted the future by using the liver & intestines of animals. They also believed that they were able to hear the words of trees, dogs, cats & insects.

Astrology was used to explore the position of Earth & other heavenly bodies, long before other sciences came along. Astrology & astronomy were considered one science in the ancient times. Astrologers were thought of as the best educated people, they understood; math, astronomy, spiritual symbols and mystic meanings, psychology, and human nature.

Astrology was taught in colleges until the 1600’s, it was at this time that “rational science” took over. Most astrologer, today are still well-educated & have degrees in many different fields. Most frequently astrologers have been trained in psychology and counseling. They also have in-depth knowledge in astrology & a great deal if spiritual understanding.

In astrology, the connections between the signs & parts of the body hold together the cosmos, as the way the body parts hold together the human body in “rational science”. Shakespeare’s Hamlet summed it up when he said, “What a piece of work man is”.

Don’t forget that all zodiac signs, not just your Sun sign are represented in your chart, therefore they all play a part in who you are. Each zodiac sign is associated with a certain part of the body, from head to toe.

Here is the list:

Aries – Head & face

Taurus – Neck & throat

Gemini – Head, arms, shoulders, nervous system & lungs

Cancer – Stomach & breasts

Leo – Back, spine, & heart

Virgo – Intestines, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and bowels

Libra – Kidneys, lower back and adrenal glands

Scorpio – Genitals, and the urinary and reproductive organs

Sagittarius – Liver, hips, and thighs

Capricorn – Bones, teeth, joints, and knees

Aquarius – Ankles & circulation

Pisces – Feet, the immune & hormonal systems

Each sign is also associated with certain glands and has particular dietary and vitamin needs. Some foods may be good for you while other might not.

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