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Astrology is Science or a Myth

Many of us think that Astrology is a Myth and some thinks as Science. Science is believed by everyone & every science believer believes in Astronomy.  It’s based on the stars and their positions to predict anything about the human beings or any object in the universe. Astrology is based on Astronomy so we can say that astrology is also science.

When native take birth, astrologer calculates positions of the planets & the stars at the time of birth to make the birth chart. We can predict anything in the native’s life if we know the astrology. The birth chart is based on astrology by which we can make many other charts to predict a particular thing or event in a native’s life. Some of the charts are Moon charts, Navmansha chart, Saptmansha charts, etc. Some of the examples are given in support of the astrology is science

If Native is feeling joint pain, the doctor will advise (after checkup) to drink milk or calcium tablets to get relief from pain. If native will take advice from astrologer on this matter, an astrologer will advise many remedies, some of given below:   

·Give water to the Sun every day. Everyone can think what is the science behind it? When natives will give water to the Sun, natives will receive sun rays directly on the body through water. Water downs force of sunrays and produce vitamin D in the body. It’s proved by the scientist. If we give water to the sun then it’s the same as advised by doctors to have tablets to get rid of joint pain. So we can say that astrology is based on science.

If astrologer advice to wear the gemstone for the Sun which is ruby. Ruby will also receive rays from the sun and will help to produce vitamin D in the body. Everyone has a TV in the house and how it works? It’s the same as gemstones. Dish antenna receives signals from satellite and sends rays to a set-top box that converts signals in audiovisual rays. We can see these audiovisual on TV. Gemstone receives rays from the planet and converts them in rays that produce Vitamin D in the body.

If astrologer advice to chant mantra of Lord (Planet) Sun, Mantra also creates a magnetic field around native’s body which is helpful to produce Vitamin D in the body. It is proved by the science that magnetic field effect on the human body.

If astrologer advice to eat chickpeas (Chana), it also helps for the production of Vitamin D in the body. So we can say it is also based on science.

Even astrologers can calculate about a person that he is pessimistic or optimistic by birth chart only even psychologists may not be able to predict it. He can predict after having a conversation with the patient but astrologers don’t need to have a conversation. Astrologer will get the date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth and will let you know your personality your future, your problems, your weaknesses, and your capabilities through a calculation using mathematics and the astronomy, which nobody can tell you.

We consider science is test phenomenon yes, it is but science is also a tested phenomenon from the thousands of years but nowadays many people are not into it. It is not taught in famous universities that’s why common man is not involved in it and not even believes in it but we can find astrologers in every power sector I mean in powerful people. They decide their things after consulting the great astrologers. If we put the seeing is the believing law on it, it will prove everything is a calculation based or the astronomy and mathematics. Test one time and 1000 times, the position of stars will be the same and the result will be the same. The problem is that, it is not studying thoroughly and who are studying and practicing it are not much been appreciated by society.

Astrologers can predict anything after knowing the stars’ position in the horoscope, the taste of food, health issue, and future about the native after calculation then how can we ignore this wealthiest knowledge on the earth.

Question 1: What is the importance of astrology?

Answer: Astrology is important as it provides insights into various aspects of life, including personality traits, relationships, career choices, and future events. It helps individuals gain self-awareness, make informed decisions, and understand the cosmic influences that shape their lives.

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Question 2: How does astrology help in personal development?

Answer: Astrology aids personal development by offering a deeper understanding of oneself. It reveals strengths, weaknesses, and hidden talents, allowing individuals to focus on personal growth areas. By knowing their astrological birth chart, people can work on enhancing positive traits and overcoming challenges, leading to self-improvement and self-empowerment.

Question 3: Can astrology help in making career choices?

Answer: Yes, astrology can be beneficial in career decision-making. By analyzing an individual’s birth chart and planetary influences, astrologers can identify suitable career paths and areas of professional success. Astrology provides guidance regarding the most favorable times for career advancements, job changes, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Question 4: How does astrology contribute to understanding relationships?

Answer: Astrology plays a significant role in understanding relationships. By comparing birth charts, astrologers can assess compatibility between individuals, including romantic partners, friends, or business associates. Astrology reveals relationship dynamics, communication styles, and potential challenges, aiding in building stronger and harmonious connections.

Question 5: Can astrology predict future events?

Answer: Astrology offers insights into future possibilities based on the study of planetary movements and their impact on human life. While it cannot predict specific events with absolute certainty, astrology can provide a framework to understand potential trends, opportunities, and challenges that may arise. It helps individuals prepare mentally and emotionally for what lies ahead and make informed decisions.

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