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Telepathy is a part of medical astrology by which we can heal a person for good health and positive mind so that native can move in life smoothly. We provide online sessions for Telepathy over phone call and with help of video conferencing too.

Telepathy is an ability of reading, controlling mind of someone without using words or other physical signals. It is used for Receiving & transforming, editing & restoration, controlling and erasing memory or thoughts of someone’s mind.

  1. Image Transfer To Mind Of Someone.

  2. Mental Bonding Development.

  3. Restrict The Movements Of Others.

  4. Controlling Thoughts Of Others.

  5. Communicating Through Emotions.

  6. Manipulating Functions Of The Targeted Mind.

  7. Producing And Manipulating Mental Energy.

  8. Projecting Knowledge Into Another Mind.

  9. Interpreting The Emotions Of Others.

  10. Sensing And Feeling Emotions.

  11. Entering In The Mind Of Another.

  12. The Ability To Read/Sense The Thoughts Of Others, The Ability To See The Thoughts Of Others.

  13. Mental Mapping.

  14. Torturing Target Mentally, Physically And Spiritually.

  15. Performing Psychoneurosis Surgery, Healing And/Or Damaging The Mind.

  16. Creating Telepathic Static.

  17. Creating Illusions For Physical Damage.

  18. Knowing Plans, Moves And Attacks Through Their Brain Waves.

  19. Telepathy From A Very Long Distance.

  20. Planting Memories, Thoughts, And Emotions.

  21. Limiting The Target’s Capabilities.

  22. Construction Of Mental Energy.

  23. Reading Secrets, Conversations, Relaying.

  24. All Languages Transfer Or Receiving.

  25. Shutting Down Brain Functioning.

  26. Transporting Physical Matter Into One’s Conscious Or In Subconscious Thoughts.

  27. Fusing One’s Consciousness With Another.

  28. Taking Control Of That Body, Transfer One’s Mind Into Another’s Body.

  29. Manipulating The Mind Through Thought Process.

  30. Projecting Thoughts Into Reality.

  31. Temporarily Push The Targeted Mind Into Many States.

  32. Causing Mental Hallucinations.

  33. Reading The Memories Of Target.

  34. Erasing, Restoration And Editing The Targeted Memories.

  35. Receiving Knowledge And Skills Of Others.

  36. Making Someone Feel Pleased, Happy, Pained, Or Any Other Emotion.

  37. Entering In People’s Dreams.

  38. Quickly Process, Store, Or Download Information Through Receiver’s Mind.

  39. Communication To Bring Out The Dark Side Of A Person’s Personality.

  40. Read The Thoughts Of Other’s Mind


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