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Horoscope Today 2023 | Today Horoscope

Today’s Panchang (Hindu Calendar):

“On September 24, 2023, the day will begin as the ninth day of the bright half of the Bhadrapada month on Sunday.

This date will continue until 10:23 AM in the morning, after which the tenth day will commence.

During the day, the Purvashada Nakshatra will prevail until 1:42 PM, and then the Uttarashada Nakshatra will begin.

The Shobhan Yoga will last until 6:40 PM, after which the Atiganda Yoga will start.

The Kaulava Karana will continue until 10:23 AM in the morning, then the Taitil Karana will begin.

The Moon will remain in the Sagittarius sign until 7:18 PM and then enter the Capricorn sign.

Today’s Rahu Kalam will be from 5:02 PM to 6:33 PM. The direction Shula will be in the west on this Sunday.

The Abhijit Muhurat will be from 12:06 PM to 12:54 PM, and the Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga will be from 1:42 PM until the next day’s sunrise.

The Ravi Yoga will be present both during the day and night. The sunrise will be at 6:26 AM today, and the sunset will be at 6:33 PM.

Now, let’s take a look at the daily horoscope for each zodiac sign:

For the Aries sign, today is a good day. Time is gradually improving, and you can make plans for the future and work on them. Women of this sign may receive special good news, and an increase in income is also possible.

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For the Taurus sign, today is not a favorable day. Mental worries may increase, and you may not expect any sudden expenses. The enemy side may be dominant, so be cautious.

For the Gemini sign, today is a pleasant day. You will be mentally happy and enthusiastic, and your attention may be drawn towards the opposite gender. There will be happiness in love, and it is possible for unmarried girls of the Sagittarius sign to form a romantic relationship (engagement).

For the Cancer sign, today is a day for contemplation and introspection. Focus on the work that is currently ongoing, and refrain from starting new work. Maintain patience and composure within yourself, although your enemies may try to harm you.

For the Leo sign, today is definitely a good day. You may receive hints of good news, and resolving family issues is also possible. New contacts can be established, and it’s a good time to make significant decisions; you will succeed.

For the Virgo sign, today may be a cause for some minor worries, so ignore trivial matters and engage in your work without arguing with anyone. Avoid making major decisions for now and refrain from interfering in someone else’s work.

For the Libra sign, today is fine. Utilize the experience gained from previous work and start planning for new paths; you will soon find the right time to start.

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For the Scorpio sign, today is good. You may be busy today, but this busyness will be for increasing your income, and you can succeed. You may also gain wealth and find happiness in the family.

For the Sagittarius sign, today is not favorable due to the presence of the twelfth Moon, which signifies expenses. You need to control your expenses today. Your mood may be negatively affected by someone’s behavior. Avoid buying expensive items and keep your mind content and your speech controlled.

For the Capricorn sign, today is a good day. You will have the opportunity to put your hand to any work, and there will be benefits in it. It’s also a suitable time to start new work. You will receive everyone’s support and cooperation, and there will be financial gains.

For the Aquarius sign, today is fine. You may receive a new proposal or offer, and accepting it immediately may be necessary for your successful establishment. You will have the opportunity to cooperate in social work today.

For the Pisces sign, today is alright. If you receive any new proposal or opportunity, accepting it may be necessary for your successful establishment. Today, you may have the chance to cooperate in social work.”

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Best wishes for your day!

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