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 The Muntha integrates one important feature of the Sudarshan Chakra with the Varshaphala chart. The Sudarshan chakra has a special kind of Dasha system that considers one of the 12 houses/signs  special emphases for a period of a year.

The first year of life, that is the first house/lagna, the second year it is the second house, and so on.

The 13th year it will be the 1st house again, and it keeps going around like that indefinitely.

Since the chart can be read using this specially emphasized house as lagna, you can think) it as the progressed lagna.

The Muntha is essentially the same, but the active sign (coinciding the active house) is analyzed in the Varshaphala chart. Therefore, in the Varshaphala coincided with hill the Muntha will be natal ascendant itself. In the second year, it will be the sign falling in the second house, and so on. Whatever house the Muntha is in, and whatever planets are associated with the Muntha, will have a more pronounced effect within the Varshaphala

The ruler of the house the Muntha is in is called the Muntha Lord. Just like the house is activated, so is the lord. .The placement and overall condition of the Muntha lord should also be analyzed.

An overview about the Muntha and Muntha Lord is given in the report.

Ruler of the Sun sign becomes an office bearer. If the Varshaphala is at night, the portion of the diurnal cycle ruled by the Moon, the ruler of the Moon sign becomes candidate.

There is one more candidate, which is determined by the combination of the Lagna in the Varshaphala chart, and the occurrence of the. Varshapravesha (the time of the Varshaphala chart) at day or night,

Candidate          Varshapravesha at day                                                                      Varshapravcsha at night

Sun                       Aries                                                                                                                                                                                               Leo

Moon                   Virgo, Pisces                                                                                                                                                                                Taurus, Pisces

Mars                     Scorpio, Capricorn.                                                                                                                                                                   Cancer, Capricorn

Mercury              Libra                                                                                                                                                                                               Gemini

Jupiter                 Leo, Aquarius                                                                                                                                                                             Aries, Aquarius

Venus                   Taurus, Cancer                                                                                                                                                                          Virgo, Scorpio

Saturn                  Gemini, Sagittarius                                                                                                                                                                 Libra, Sagittarius

Now we have 5 planets that are all very important in a general sense. Of course some planet may be a candidate for more than one reason, so there may very well be fewer than 5 different candidates.

For example, when the person turns 12, 24, and 36 etc. the Muntha lord and Lagna lord will be the same, so there would be at most 4 different candidates in those years.

Which one will manifest strongly out of these? An additional requirement is that the candidate must be connected to the Lagna of the Varshaphala by aspect. Without an aspect, there is still not a chance that the planet will be the most influential.

Out of the several of the candidates that aspect the lagna, we can now compare their Panch-Vargiya bald to see which one is most predominant. The strongest wins.

In the unlikely case that two candidates have the same strength, the one which have more than one candidate ship will win.

In case this procedure does not make sense, when all planets arc very weak, or when none aspect the Lagna, the Muntha lord, is used as year lord.

Q1. What is Muntha Dasha?

A1. Muntha Dasha is a predictive technique in Vedic astrology that focuses on the influence of the Moon’s position in the birth chart over a specific period of time.

Q2. How is Muntha Dasha calculated?

A2. Muntha Dasha is calculated based on the distance between the Moon and the Ascendant (Lagna) in the birth chart. It starts from the birth chart’s Moon sign and moves one sign forward each year.

Q3. What is the significance of Muntha Dasha?

A3. Muntha Dasha indicates the major life themes and events that may unfold during a particular period. It provides insights into personal growth, success, and challenges based on the Moon’s position.

Q4. How long does each Muntha Dasha period last?

A4. Each Muntha Dasha period lasts for one year. It signifies the influence of the Moon over various aspects of life during that time.

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