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Date :- Oct 05, 2023 Day :- Thursday


Astrology is an ancient science that attempts to understand and influence various aspects of human life. Its origin dates back to ancient times and developed in different cultures..

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It is believed that the fundamental energies of the celestial bodies such as stars, planets, the Sun, and the Moon directly and indirectly influence human existence.

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Predictions are made based on the movements and locations of different planets.

Planetary Movements :

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Yogas indicate specific planetary alignments that influence a person’s life, while dashas represent specific time periods with their own characteristics.

Yogas And Dashas :

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It is believed that the fruits of one’s actions and their destined outcomes are reflected in their birth chart.

Karma And Prarabdha :

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Ashtakavarga involves the positions and relationships of planets & Mahadasha signifies specific periods in an individual’s life.

Ashtakavarga And Mahadasha :


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