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Healing :

The channel of invisible energy surrounds us; the vitality of power sustains our physical and mental growth which when synchronized has the power to heal the human body. The omnipotent universal energy nurtures on the affection and care, the vibrations produced from body, words, and surroundings strengthens the energy.

Thoughts and acts build the aura around us, strengthen or weaken the chakras responsible for our health and tranquillity, the restoration of disease is possible only with proper identification of organism to be energised.

Healing energies the responsible chakras to strengthen the self-healing capabilities of every individual for the cure of the mentioned, unmentioned physical and mental problems. Proper channelling of energy is the main emphasis as it regularizes the flow from Muladhar Chakra to the Crown Chakra.

Need for Healing

If someone is going through depression, anxiety, pain, headache, illness, insomnia, worry, sins guilt, or in grief then healing is best way to come out from all these to move further in life.

There is a deep urge in humans to have blooming health, this urge sets one to look for a healer, either a physical or spiritual healer. When there is physical healer present then why to opt for a spiritual one?

A spiritual healer retrieves the lost power to fit together the lost or broken pieces of our cells and emotions. A healer relaxes you, balances the emotions and chakras for a stronger immune system and for magnifying the self-healing capacities in one-self.

Healing Modalities

A person in depression, grief or physical suffering can attain prudent health and rational mind with the aid of a healer. A healer calms one’s mind controls the hormonal imbalance to revitalize one through various healing techniques.

1. Touch Therapy

The life force energy or ‘Prana’ is focused, intensified and transferred with the energy vibration produced through breathing and touch for balanced energy between two people.

2. Crystal Healing

Suitable gemstone or crystal placed on or near body lessens negative energy and amplifies positive wavelength of the body for improved concentration, creativity, and better physical and mental level.

3. Over-Voice Healing

Different sounds have different vibrations, they release energy blockage for the positive flow of energy through chakras, and it synchronizes brain waves, rejuvenates energy and increases the formation of cells.

4. Yantra Therapy

The sacred geometrical pattern represents a cosmic force, invoked with mantra has a specific effect on particular chakras, protects from the harmful influence and strengthens power.

5. Mantra Therapy

The sacred utterance generates sound vibration that reduces the karmic burden and, inspires to stay healthy and connect with the divine.

6. Yoga

The combination of physical activity that purifies the souls balances metabolism and deprives us of stress.

7. Telepathy

The power of the mind is endless; mental communication is possible between two or more people without any physical medium.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents